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Expired MS Patient
01-28-2011, 12:43 PM
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Expired MS Patient
> -------Original Message-------
> From:
> Subject: Expired MS Patient
> Sent: 05 May '09 18:35
> Hello Dr. Lee,
> I was visting your hopsitals website and I must tell you that the work
> that you are doing is truly inspirational. My mother expired 6 years ago
> and she was only 59 years old. She had us late in life (36 and 38) and as a
> child you do not reconize what is happening to your parent. Your section on
> MS and what it is educated me alot. If only our family had discovered your
> methods earlier, maybe she could have survived today and enjoy all 5 of her
> grandchildren.

> Her case of MS i believe was the worst and it does not help that Puerto
> Ricos Healthcare system is horrible. They could have saved her because all
> she needed was to get dialysis in time, but the physician wanted to put her
> out of her misery. (not to mention she developed diabetes out of no where)
> My mother was a buetiful person both physically and personality wise, but
> she had MS back when she was 26 years old(1970). Little was known back
> then, I think. By the time I was 15, one of her legs was ambutated. Then in
> Puerto Rico, the ambutated her other leg. She could not use her hands, she
> could not see very well and she had an ulser in the back of her thigh that
> a female could stick her arm upto her elbow. Her teeth were slowly falling
> out. In her last days she could not see because her pupils were swollen.
> Her skin had plasma filled welts and then her skin was falling of before
> our families eyes. We believe that she could hear us, but it was too late.
> They moved her to the morge before we got there. Her death certificate
> states that she died from Pnemonia. I think thats just unfair.
> I attached photos before MS, After(when my eldest son was born i was 15),
> and the very last picture in exsitance taken 3 months before she died.
> As a physician, i am sure your treatments would have saved her. I wanted
> to share this with you because no one should suffer when they live.
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