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Fructus Psoralaea (Bu Gu Zi) - 补骨脂
06-02-2012, 09:25 PM
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Fructus Psoralaea (Bu Gu Zi) - 补骨脂
Latin Name:
Fructus Psoralaea

In the term of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM),Bu Gu Zhi is acrid, bitter, very warm. The channels Bu Gu Zhi influences are Kidney, Spleen.

  • Stabilizs jing and reserves urine - enuresis, incontinence of urine, frequent urination, spermatorrhea.
  • Tonify and strengthen spleen yang - cold deficient spleen diarrhea, borborygmus, abdominal pain.
  • Aids kidneys to grasp lung qi - wheezing, asthma.
  • Apply topically for alopecia, psoriasis, vitiligo.

[Image: med_37_01.jpg]

General information
Psoralea is an annual herb native to west Asia, although it also found in China and Vietnam. The plant grows to a height of about two feet, and requires moist soil to prosper. The seeds are used medicinally; they are typically harvested in the fall while ripe, then dried in the sun. They are either left raw or are stir-baked with salt water before being incorporated into herbal remedies.

Psoralea seeds contain a variety of amino acids and other substances, including flavonoids, coumarins, linoleic acid and oleic acid, and small amounts of potassium, calcium, iron and selenium.

Psoralea is associated with the Kidney and Spleen meridians, and is considered to have bitter, pungent and hot properties, according to traditional Chinese medicine principles. It is used to tonify the kidneys and to tonify and strengthen the spleen.

[Image: med_37_03.jpg]

Psoralea can be used to treat a variety of conditions. It is considered an excellent tonic herb, and is used to improve general vitality. Internally, it can clear up cases of diarrhea, and reduce pain in the lower back. It is also employed to treat several urogenital conditions, such as frequent urination, incontinence and bed-wetting. Topically, it can help treat alopecia and some skin lesions, such as psoriasis.

Medical Indications:
impotence, enuresis, incontinence, frequent urination, premature ejaculation, cold or pain in lower back, cold in extremities or scrotum, diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain, poor appetite

[Image: med_37_02.jpg]

Contraindications and caution:
Use caution in cases of Yin Deficient heat with symptoms such as dry mouth, dry and sore throat, constipation, nocturnal emissions, hematuria, and urinary tract infections.

10 to 20 grams
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