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Update and a Question
01-28-2011, 12:51 PM
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Update and a Question
> -------Original Message-------
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> Subject: Update and a Question
> Sent: Oct 02 '10 09:29
> Dear Dr. Lee,
> My sister (Bogdanka Oka) has been doing your recommended exercises
> faithfully, twice a day, and she is noticing a great improvement. She told
> me the other day that she was very excited about the level of energy she
> is now experiencing. Before beginning the regular exercise regimen she was
> feeling constantly tired, drained, and in need of rest. She is now
> capable of performing various tasks all day long, without a need for long
> naps or extensive rest. She is very encouraged by this progress.
> Also, she is noticing an improvement in her ability to swallow, and her
> speech seems to have more fluency to it than some weeks ago. All of this is
> very encouraging.
> She has not noticed much improvement in her ability to walk: she still gets
> tired very quickly, and her legs feel "as if they were made out of
> rubber."
> The greatest concern she now has is that the muscle tissue in her left
> hand, between the thumb and forefinger, is showing signs of getting
> thinner. That muscle has almost completely disappeared on her right hand,
> and that is causing her difficulty in using her hand properly while
> writing or performing various small tasks. She is now concerned that the
> same thing may happen to her left hand, and this is causing her a great
> deal of inner turmoil.
> She would like to know if taking the medicine and exercising will have any
> effect on stopping this muscle deterioration, if this regimen has any
> potential for restoring the lost muscle tissue, and if so, when could that
> be expected.
> Nobody could offer that world of encouragement better than you, within the
> bounds of reasonable expectations, of course.
> With great appreciation of the support you have offered us so far,
> Ranka Mulkern
> (on behalf of Bogdanka Oka)
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