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What is myasthenia gravis (MG)?
01-17-2011, 12:32 PM
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What is myasthenia gravis (MG)?
What is myasthenia gravis (MG)?

Myasthenia gravis (meye-uhss-THEEN-ee-uh GRAV uhss) (MG) is an autoimmune disease that weakens the muscles. The name comes from Greek and Latin words meaning "grave muscle weakness." But most cases of MG are not as "grave" as the name implies. In fact, most people with MG can expect to live normal lives.

When you have MG, your muscles weaken with activity. Muscle strength returns with rest. MG usually affects the muscles that control:

* eye and eyelid movement
* facial expression
* chewing
* talking
* swallowing
* arms and legs

The muscles that control breathing and neck movements also may be affected.
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